Vrijwilliger leest samen met een oudere

The National Foundation for the Elderly is a charity that promotes quality of life for elderly people in the Netherlands. The primary focus of the Foundation is combatting loneliness. Approximately 200.000 Dutch elderly feel extremely lonely. Their only social contact is once every four weeks.

The Nationaal Foundation for the Elderly supports elderly people through meaningful projects that:

  • Combat loneliness
  • Combat poverty
  • Improve safety
  • Improve active ageing and health

National Projects

  • The ElderlyOmbudsman; an online and offline helpdesk for elderly people and their caregivers.

  • ShoppingPlusBus; picks elderly people up from home to go shopping and/or have a cup of coffee.

  • From Network to Work; supports older people in their search for a job.

European research projects

The National Foundation for the Elderly aims to improve quality of older people’s lives in a wide variety of areas. Research, knowledge and partnerships support this aim.

The Foundation is involved in different European research projects, focusing on later life. The Foundation actively involves older persons in the research, helping them to create a voice and express their needs in research and European networks.

Research is currently focused on the use of assistive technology for independent living and ways to staying active in later life.

The following is an overview of running research projects: