SOCIAL CARE: community support for eldery


For some years now we are witness of a social innovation process where citizens and older people are taking control of their own community. They support each other and organize care and wellbeing services. This social innovation process we call transition towns, or citizen initiatives. These are grassroots community projects that seek to build resilience in response to different societal challenges. The main thought is that citizens themselves know better what their problems are and can find more efficient solutions at local level than the public government. When older people are in need of care they can receive extensive support from these communities. Volunteers, neighbours and family members help older people at local level to live longer independently at home. At the same time, older people (65+) are often the most active contributors to their community as they see the imminent need for a more sustainable care and wellbeing system. This project aims to support and promote these initiatives through a digital platform with functionalities to coordinate volunteers, exchange offer and demand, develop services and provide care for older people. 


SOCIAL CARE is a local tool that supports transition town initiatives to organize care for older people bottom-up. It is a place where people are involved in their neighborhood and become an active citizen, independently of age. The project has finished and the National Foundation for the Elderly is going to implement the results in the Netherlands, actively supporting citizen initiatives across the country. For more information, please contact Nina van der Vaart. 

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