MI-tale: life story of dementia patients

The personal history of people with dementia is a valuable source of information when providing care for this target group, as the experiences and values formed until the early adult age play an important role in their current behavior and perception. In the MI-Tale project we develop an online (web based) 2D interactive game to trigger and record memories of the personal history of dementia patients. In this way the tool will help them to share their life-story with beloved ones as well as professional caregivers.


The tool, that can be used on browser enabled devices like notebooks or tablets, will trigger memories by the means of photo- or video material referring to important (local and national) events from the formative years of the dementia patient. This will help them to recall and share their personal history and to come up with own memories and photos. The collected memories, containing historical recordings available from the many digitalised online archives as well as the personal stories is stored as a dynamic document and can help as a basis for conversations with the person with dementia. 


  • Fun way to spend time with several generations together during a visit
  • Great for day-care groups sessions (helps to bond and understand each other as well as to make fun)
  • Helps (informal) carers or family of dementia patients to communicate in a meaningful way with their loved one

For caregivers working according the Psychobiographic Care Model (currently 140 institutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Luxemburg and the Netherlands) we will develop a professional version according to their specific standards. They will use the tool to improve their biographic skills and speed up the process of recording a personal psychobiography. The tool can help to filter out personal bias in recording the biography.


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