iConnect: bringing together students and people with dementia

iConnect aims to support the social inclusion of people living with dementia and, at the same time, motivate students to make elderly care a potential and viable option for their study and future career. It brings students and older people with dementia together in an intergenerational creative approach. 

iConnect will develop a module for students based on principles of creative learning, with elements of theatre, music and poetry. The module will be implemented by four Higher Educational Institutions  (HEIs)in a pilot in collaboration with local care organizations. 

By implementing the results from this project, HEI’s all over Europe will be able to contribute to the goals of dementia friendly environments. Intergenerational contact is established through an innovative creative learning module that combines theatre, poetry and music, tapping into the long term memory of older people with dementia. Are you interested in the module or looking for more information? Have a look at our results. 

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