About us

The National Foundation for the Elderly is a charity that promotes combatting loneliness for elderly people in the Netherlands. We are convinced that every older person counts. We connect people and organizations to tackle loneliness and vulnerability among the eldery.

Together with companies and agencies, governments, donors, ambassadors, volunteers and employees we are committed to the same goal: a society in which every older person leads his or her life as he or she wishes.

Did you know that 1 in 4 elderly people living in the Netherlands feel lonely?

That’s more than 1 million people! Corina Gielbert is the director of the National Foundation for the Elderly: “I am shocked by the numbers of lonely elderly people. Especially when you consider that many people have a social contact less than once a month. I want our work to add something. The cutting edge of care, well-being and quality of life is very important to me.”

The National Elderly Fund depends on donations from companies and private individuals for its work. We receive no subsidy from the national government. We are grateful for every gift we receive.

International projects

The National Foundation for the Elderly aims to improve quality of older people’s lives in a wide variety of areas. Research, knowledge and partnerships support this aim.

The Foundation is involved in different European research projects, focusing on later life. The Foundation actively involves older persons in the research, helping them to create a voice and express their needs in research and European networks.

Research is currently focused on the use of assistive technology for independent living and ways to staying active in later life. Here you will find an overview of running research projects.

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